Graphic Design


About Me

I was born and raised in Salt Lake and developed an interest in art at an early age. Upon my first encounters with interactive design I immediately became enthralled with it.
During the past few years I’ve developed an immense passion for what interactive media has to offer. I’m so excited to see where the future will take us!

Web design is not just a job or a title, its a way of thinking. An innovative design to reach into the future and mold a better tomorrow, full of culture, cutting edge technology, rich content, visual and audio stimulation. This is more than just a way of life, it’s a work of art that can engage millions across the world in just a short amount of time. Web design is my art, my passion, and a way of molding a new creation with my hands. I aim to do more than just provide a website, my goal is to create an experience that will captivate the users and have it all at the tips of their fingertips. My passion is to dive into the next generation with the knowledge that I have and create a whole new dynamic that will take users to a level that they would never have imagined was possible from a traditional website. With my creativity, programming knowledge, ability to take concept to development, and work ethic I can be a leader into a fast evolving media rich world. I am more than just a web designer, I am a pioneer.